The Big Picture
Stock Control
Purchasing and Merchanising
Loyalty and Gift Cards
Omni Channel
Reporting, Business Intelligence and Dashboard
Systems Integration
Warehousem Management

Multi Site Warehouse Management

Supply your stores from one or distribution warehouses. Determine which products and which stores are supplied from each distribution warehouse. Automatically generate replenishment stock requests from each store on a scheduled or on-need basis

Multisite Management



We provide multiple picking strategies for store orders or customer orders. Pick manually (pen and paper) or via wearable devices leading the picker round your warehouse Determine the best route and strategy to make you warehouse be as productive as possible


All stock is located in a named/barcoded location. All actions in the warehouse are driven by stock/location information, from Goods In, Putaway, Pickface Replenishment to Picking and Write offs.s.


Monitoring of staff performance

Staff Perfomance Monitoring

Check your staff performace at each step of the way. Create league tables for all key metrics to encourage best practice and hold under performers to account.