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Realtime Stock Inventory management systems

In a multi-channel, customer-centric world our system allows you to see what stock you have, and where, in real time.

View stock levels for all products from any part of system, when you need it.

Ordering more stock from a supplier and need a company overview – no problem. Need to see what is available at a neighboring branch at the till – no problem.

Realtime Stock Control - Advanced Retail

Stock Movements

Stock Movement - Advanced Retail

All stock changes are held in one central repository and fully audited. Every stock change is recorded against the user, the date and time and context. Move stock between stores and between virtual locations. Cost are also recorded against every movement allowing transfer of values between cost centres.

Stock Optimisation

Are you loosing sales because you don’t have the right thing in stock at the right time? Use our systems to optimise your stocks to ensure that you minimise off-shelf items. Ensure your supply chain works to serve your customers and maximise your profit!

Stock Optimisation - Advanced Retail


Stock Taking

Ensure your stock levels are correct using our powerful and flexible stocktaking options.

Organise rolling stocktakes across multiple sites using our scheduled stocktake functionality, which instructs your staff to count areas of interest or concern on a regular basis. Report centrally on whether staff are completing stock checks and what the ups and downs are. Pinpoint stock control issues and reduce stock losses.

Mobile Data

Use our Mobile Data option to automate tasks, save time and money and increase accuracy.

Our preferred platforms are the Datalogic Memor X3 and the Datalogic Scorpio X3 although we can support other manufacturers as needed. Our mobile data software will work in “Batch” mode or over a wireless network.


Mobile Date - Advanced Retail