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Fixed + Mobile

Our stylish multi-channel epos systems are designed to looks clean and modern. They can be themed with your company colours and logo to give a coherent look in store. Whether you are using our fixed EPoS product or our new mobile tablet based EPoS you have a powerful combination of ease of use and rich customer service information

EPoS Fixed Mobile

Reliable and Resilient

EPos Reliability

Our EPoS systems are designed to be super resilient because we know it is mission critical for you to keep on trading. All key data is held on a local database on each till, so if you loose internet connection then you can use all key functions as normal (though your card authorisation will be affected). When internet connectivity is restored any sales are automatically polled to your cloud server – no manual intervention is required.

Easy to Use

We’ve kept things simple because we know that not all till users are systems experts. With just a few minutes training most users can use all the key functions. Supervisors and advanced users can dig in to some of the more sophisticated features as needed. You can logon to the EPoS via passcode, barcode scan, MSR and now fingerprint logon.

EPoS Easy to Use


EPoS Security

Sadly we know a few people will try to do things they shouldn’t. Our EPoS products log every key stroke so you can always look back and see who did what and when and hold individual users to account. You have complete control of which users are allowed to what (including discounts and refunds) using role based users.

Configurable Layout

With two distinct layout modes and configurable “Hot Key” screens we can configure your EPoS system to your requirements. With drag and drop maintenance it’s a breeze to add and edit buttons with any number of drill down buttons/screen possible. You can configure screens per till, per branch or globally across the whole company



Epos Promotions

Our PoS products include a powerful promotions engine allowing a large range of promotion rules, including:

  1. Buy X Get Y: buy 2 of X and get 10% off Y
  2. Fixed Price Recipes: eg buy a drink, packet of crisps and sandwhich for 2.50
  3. Volume Discounts: buy 3 of X and get 5% off
  4. Stepped Discounts: buy 2 get 5% off, by 5 get 7.5% off
  5. Global Discounts

Restrict promotions to selected branches or to particular customer types. Require voucher to unlock a promotion.