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January 13, 2016

PetsCornerMax benefits with Min effort for Pets Corner

Min and Max dogs Nationwide pet store chain!

Pets Corner has seen a dramatic improvement in its stock replenishment function thanks to min/max automation from Advanced Retail. With a super-lean head office servicing the company’s growing 105+ stores, automating the stock replenishment process means each Pets Corner outlet now benefits from a faster, more flexible system that enables them to tailor their stock levels to local requirements and react more efficiently to specific demand.

The new system, which automates a previously time-consuming task, has saved the company “a huge amount of time and trouble,” according to Area Manager Matt Murtagh. “Before, each store would use pen and paper to check stock in the storeroom and shop floor, then adjust how many they held in store via forms forwarded to head office,” he explained. “Reviewing 20 products could easily take over an hour – and then the order could take days to be approved by head office. “Now, the same 20 products can be zapped with a hand held device and the stock reviewed on the pc, and adjustments made to how many are kept according to the pre-determined minimum and maximum levels. Instead of an hour, it takes five or ten minutes, and there’s no problem with errors like missing bar-codes, for example.”

The hassle-free system allows store managers to adjust the stock requirements according to their local requirements and react quickly with promotions on specific products. With one-click approval from head office taking minutes rather than days, extra stock can be on the next delivery, and on the shelves much more quickly than before. “Both head office and store staff think the system’s amazing,” Matt said. “It saves so much time and has made a huge difference to our business.” Further developments to automate approval are in the pipeline, promising to streamline the process even further.

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